Communicating physics and astronomy to a visually impaired audience – Manchester, 15 Jan 2019

by | Nov 28, 2018

The University of Manchester is hosting a meeting on “Communicating physics and astronomy to a visually impaired audience” on 15th January 2019, from 10am.

Full details and registration at:

“Physics and astronomy can be extremely difficult to access for people with visual impairments (VI). A reliance on images, diagrams, graphs, and other visual representations of data means that people with VI can easily feel excluded from these subjects. However, there are several initiatives and projects in the UK that are working to make topics within physics and astronomy more accessible for this audience. This meeting will showcase these projects, allowing participants to share best practice and explore future collaborations and other opportunities.”

If you want to present or show something, please drop<> an email – schedule TBC.

Please forward this email to any interested people! Lunch will be provided.

Posted on behalf of: Dr Emma Nichols l Public engagement manager l School of Physics and Astronomy l The University of Manchester (email: emma.nichols@MANCHESTER.AC.UK)