Fanaroff Lecture – 19 February 2020, 6pm – with Dr Marga Gual Soler

by | Feb 7, 2020

If you are interested or involved in science communication and policy, then you won’t want to miss out of the Fanaroff Lecture – 19 February 2020, 6pm – with Dr Marga Gual Soler.

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About the 2020 Fanaroff Lecture
The 2020 Fanaroff Lecture will be held Wed 19th Feb at 6pm in the Samuel Alexander Building on the University of Manchester campus. This lecture has been organised through the DARA Big Data project, led by Prof Anna Scaife. The Fanaroff Lecture honours scientists who have been instrumental in developing policy and working with policy makers. It is a public lecture and is intended to raise the importance of science communication for policy within the scientific community.

About the speaker – Dr Marga Gual Soler
This year we are delighted to have the inspiring Dr Marga Gual Soler as the speaker for the Fanaroff Lecture.Dr Gual Soler will talk about the role that scientists have to play in international relations and policy, her own career path and her vision for how the global science community can most effectively engage with policy makers.

Following her PhD in Molecular Biology, investigating the role of protein trafficking in organ development and cancer, Dr Gual Soler joined the United Nations with an ambition of bridging the worlds of science and international policy. Since then Dr Gual Soler has led the development of science diplomacy globally, advising multiple national governments and the EU on science diplomacy strategy and training thousands of young scientists and diplomats around the world in this emerging field. Notably, Dr Gual Soler was responsible for overseeing the landmark cooperation agreement between the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the Cuban Academy of Sciences after full diplomatic relations resumed between the USA and Cuba in  2015. She has recently returned from the largest-ever all-women expedition to Antarctica to promote the role of women in science diplomacy and climate action.