Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE Centre and Education Trust programme for Black History Month 2021

by | Sep 26, 2021

Our Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE (Race Archives and Community Engagement) Centre has created a programme of events to celebrate Black History Month.

Every year we organise a programme of events, blog posts and media for Black History Month, but we also firmly believe that Black history is world history and not confined to just one month of the year.

Our theme for Black History Month this year is ‘And Still We Rise’, a recognition of Black activism past and present.

Find out more about the full programme of events: https://www.racearchive.org.uk/and-still-we-rise-black-history-month-2021/

The Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE Centre is the University’s open access library specialising in the study of race, migration and diversity. The RACE Centre is based in Manchester Central Library

Our sister organisation the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust was established in 2001, and archives the life stories of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in Manchester, by running oral history projects, hosting events and exhibitions, and working with schools, for past, present and future generations.