Pint of Science Creative Reactions – Manchester 14 – 16th May 2018

by | Apr 25, 2018

You might have seen that Pint of Science is coming back to Manchester 14 – 16th May 2018. A few tickets are still available.

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BUT did you know you can also attend Creative Reactions – a collaboration between artists and Pint of Science scientists to produce artworks related to the science presented during Pint of Science. The Old Abbey Taphouse in Manchester Science park, Hulme will play host these events. Doors are open 6.30pm and the first talk starts 7.30pm There are 3 event to choose from:

By the Sound of Things – 14 May
In this sound night we have someone from BBC coming in with VR headsets talking about the art of audio engineering in a 3D manner. We will also explore super techniques in studying solid matters, from meteorites to plant spores, and turn visuals like spectra graphs into sound. And to finish off a fantastic chemistry demo tuned to the song “Blue Monday”
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What a Mouthful – 15 May
Celebrating everything with the mouth, including communication and taste, we will have Sam Illingworth from MMU coming to talk about poems written by scientists, and he will also give a poetry workshop where the audience will participate in. We will also have a speaker talk about the history of brewing and beer doctors (it’s a real thing!), and a talk exploring how “hard science” (like cancer research) uses words/phrases that is blurred with beliefs such as astrology.
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Through Tinted Lenses – 16 May
This is a night all about sight and perception. We will have someone talk about cave paintings and how, in fact, the acoustics in the cave influences the painter themselves; we will then have a talk on how dementia patients perceive the world differently (with an accompanying art piece!), and to finish off, a brief history of how us as humans have visualised and recorded images of the world, and look into the future and cutting edge techniques that we’re developing to this end.
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